250words short essay

250words short essay.

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Please analyse the arguments of Ahlstrom (2010) and Jackson (2009) and come to the workshop ready to discuss the points they raise.

Submit a 250-word (approximately) summary of your answers. Please note that you get 2 marks if you submit, and 0 marks if you don’t submit.

Some questions to consider for your 250-word summary:

  • Can economic growth continue forever?

Ahlstrom paper

  • What is the main goal of business?
  • What happens if society hinders firms’ growth?
  • What are his views on addressing global warming?

Jackson paper

  • What is his view of continual economic growth?
  • Can growth continue indefinitely? Outcomes?
  • His solution?

Ahlstrom, D. 2010. Innovation and Growth: How Business Contributes to Society. Academy of Management Perspectives, 24(3), 11-24.

Jackson, T. 2009. Prosperity without growth: economics for a finite planet. London ; Sterling, VA: Earthscan, chapters 1 & 11.

250words short essay