200-250 words per question

200-250 words per question.

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Number each answer by questions in other words it’s a discussion not an essay so don’t answer it like it’s an essay

1.Paragraph 1: Describe the fundamental purpose of America’s correctional institutions. Provide working definitions of terms punishment, retribution, deterrence, and rehabilitation.

2.Paragraph 1: Explain the subculture of corrections.

Paragraph 2: Provide examples of three types of inappropriate behavior that has been observed in America’s correctional institutions and how they could have been averted if the personnel involved had followed a code of conduct and practiced ethical decision-making.

3.Paragraph 1: How might discretion be involved in the ethical or unethical conduct of correction personnel?

4.Paragraph 1: Who does a criminal justice organization’s culture influence how the organizations and its personnel embrace diversity? Who sets this culture?

5.Paragraph 1: How does ethical decision making apply to embracing diversity in the criminal justice system?

200-250 words per question