2 promts+ 1 flyer + 600-word description

I’m stuck on a Literature question and need an explanation.

Prompt 1 (500 words)

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My chosen novel is The Foreign Student by Susan Choi

Looking at your notes from the first half of the novel you chose to read:

1. Select a moment from your chosen novel that to which you had a big response. Name that response (one word that describes you not the book) and walk us through whether that response was created by your own expectations or it’s something the novel was eliciting. So for example, if you cry when a character’s father dies, but the character does not, that reaction might be a you thing rather than an emotion the text is trying to elicit. Reflect on what you learn from that reaction.

2. Identify a moment from your chosen novel that illustrates a concept from Queer: A Graphic History (other than homophobia, heteronormativity, or heterosexism). Name that concept and use the moment from your chosen novel to explain.

Prompt 2 (500 words)
Looking at your notes from the second half of the novel you chose to read:

1. Explain why your classmates who didn’t read the novel you chose should have. Use a passage from the novel to help make your argument.

2. You’re in the home stretch of your research project. Tell us how it’s going! Go ahead and vent! Just explain why you’re feeling what you’re feeling and what you can learn from that reaction.

600 words (due until June 28th)

1. What the artifact is that you made. Made an artifact of the author Susan Choi in a form of flyer.

2. Who it’s audience is; this should be pretty specific/targeted – for example, college students is too vague.

3. What it’s purpose is, what you want your artifact to accomplish and why

4. What the voice of your artifact is – comedic? condescending? didactic? Another way to think of “voice” is how you’re coming across to your audience, what kind of persona are you trying to convey? How will that allow you to achieve your purpose for this audience?

5. That you’ve done extensive research (this is a research project after all) and how you’ve synthesized it to make the artifact you’ve made. Remember, your artifact should be more than just assemblage. Think of the cliché “greater than the sum of its parts.”

6. What you’ve come away from your research knowing – what are your takeaways or lessons or realizations because of this research.

7. Why you author is worth, not only knowing, but preserving for posterity.

8. All of the sources you consulted that helped you make the artifact you made. This includes any images or videos you include in your artifact, tutorials you consulted, the major literary work you read, and all academic articles you read. This is also known as a bibliography.