1 Rough Draft of Podcast Transcript – 4 pages

1 Rough Draft of Podcast Transcript – 4 pages.

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How do you go from being interested in something to being interesting?


Have you ever heard a great story or speech that captivated you? Read an article that actually changed your mind? What was it about that story that made you want to keep listening or reading?

The purpose of this assignment is to write a 7-minute podcast that uses genuine curiosity and creativity to make a question (one that we are interested in) interesting to others.


In this podcast assignment, I invite you to create an original podcast, no longer than seven minutes and zero seconds (7:00), that shows your minds at work on an open-ended question. You will be writing a transcript before you submit your final recording.


Grading Criteria

  • Does your podcast ask a genuine question or pose a genuine problem?
  • Does it work with thought-provoking sources?
  • Does it show your mind at work making compelling connections and developing ideas, arguments, or thoughts that are new to you?
  • Does it pursue complications (perhaps by using words like but and or)?
  • Is it presented and organized to engage smart, attentive readers?
  • Does it include a reference page? Does it use templates?


Remember to use the templates to help you. You might try the agreeing/disagreeing/or both templates(attached) to guide you. You can also use the quoting templates(attached) to help you set you the idea, too.

1 Rough Draft of Podcast Transcript – 4 pages